How to move locally with kids



    Moving is often considered one of the most stressful events in life, and when the children participate, this can add an additional layer of complexity. Local moving, although it would seem less frightening than long distances, still requires careful planning and consideration, especially if you have small children.

    Before reporting the news about the move to your children, take the time to prepare and plan what you say. Be honest and open, explaining the reasons for the move in a positive light. Encourage your children to express their feelings and try to solve any problems that may arise.

    Develop a schedule for moving that clearly describes the key tasks leading to the moving. Relay this information to your children so that they better understand what to expect. If you hire professional movers, tell the children what their work will be. Rearranging the big complex process into smaller, controlled steps and complete informing can help soften anxiety.

    When packing try to engage your children, allowing them to pack their own things. This can be a fun and inspiring occupation for them. Keep closer items of first necessity, such as their favorite toys and comfortable items to ensure a feeling of acquaintance during the transition.

    On the day of moving, consider the possibility of organizing child care for your children. This ensures their safety and allows you to focus on the logistics of the movement without worrying about their well-being. Trusted friends, family or professional care services can provide support.

    Pack a bag with important objects for the day, including snacks, toys and comfortable items for your children. This way you can keep the children busy in the process of chaotic movement and give them something to distract themselves.

    Upon arrival at your new home, first prioritize the creation of familiar places in your children. Arrange their bedrooms and recreate the feeling at home as much as possible. This helps them feel safe and facilitates adjustment to the new environment.

    Adhere to the established procedures as much as possible: establish familiar food time, rituals before bedtime and other ordinary events at the new place. The sequence provides a sense of stability for children during changes.

    Finally, to celebrate this step as a family, consider a small family walk or special food to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

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