Reduce Risk and Maximise Investment



    Having support for critical software reduces risk to your business function and operations and saves time and money. Software support provides users with the resources needed to solve problems before they start, with access to free-of-charge software updates for minor releases, enhancements, and bug fixes.

    Investing and purchasing software support for your site of operations not only safeguards your assets but minimises potential downtime, whilst giving you peace of mind that you are maintaining your software, mitigating risk, and ensuring lifetime stability for your system and site.

     Benefits of Support

    Software needs regular updates to improve usability, minimise vulnerability, and protect productivity. Without investing in support, no matter how robust your system is, it can be exposed and at risk. The cost of disruption caused by unsupported and neglected systems can quickly escalate to far more than an investment in purchasing yearly support.

    If you are utilising Datalog software from Cortech Developments, you have invested in market-leading integration software that delivers outstanding control and management across your otherwise disparate systems. It will increase situational awareness; help reduces risk and improves accountability. Having Datalog support will also provide the peace of mind that you are proactively monitoring and maintaining your system, allowing the users to focus their time on delivering their core business objectives.

    Hardware or software failure could result in downtime that is critical and negatively impacts your business. Without a support contract attached to valuable assets, your business could incur additional costs and even a significant loss in revenue.

     Applications Expertise

    The Datalog support package from Cortech Developments delivers unrivalled application expertise for the duration of your agreement, all available to you via our dedicated in-house support team.

    Free Software Updates

    With our support package, you also get all the benefits from our latest software updates – at no extra cost to you. Our products continue to evolve via frequent updates/bug fixes. If you want new features and ever-improving usability, then having support in place ensures that you continue to receive all the latest software updates. You are also able to obtain discounts on any significant major software upgrades.

     Time Critical Response

    Cortech Developments’ support provides valuable time with outstanding response statistics:

    • providing a same-day response to 100% of all cases raised to our support team.
    • providing a verified same-day fix for 60% of all cases raised to our support team.

    Out of all cases, we found that 46% were product configuration related, while 16% were user errors, of which 92% were closed the same day.

    Without the support in place, these issues may still not be resolved to put the site and your operations at risk and cost unnecessary loses in time and money.

    If you are a Datalog user and do not currently have a support contract in place and you would like to discuss the possibilities and value of implementing one, then contact your Account Manager at

    To  find out more about Cortech Developments and our international software integrations including Datalog visit our website at

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