BJP Rajasthan New CM Announcement Live: The name of the Chief Minister has been announced in Rajasthan. Sanganer MLA Bhajan Lal Sharma will be the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan.



    Bhajan Lal Sharma’s first reaction

    Bhajan Lal Sharma said that first of all thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Party National President JP Nadda, Vasundhara Raje, State President CP Joshi, Deputy CM Diya Kumari, Prem Chand Bairwa and Speaker Vasudev Devnani. I want to give. Our entire team will develop Rajasthan under the leadership of PM Modi.

    Bhajan Lal Sharma is MLA from Sanganer.

    Bhajan Lal Sharma, who will be the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan, is 56 years old and is an MLA from Sanganer Assembly seat. Sharma is also the state general secretary of BJP.

    Bhajanlal Sharma was made the candidate by cutting the ticket


    BJP canceled the ticket of current MLA Ashok Lauhati in the 2023 assembly elections and gave it to Bhajanlal Sharma. Bhajanlal Sharma defeated Congress’s Pushpendra Bhardwaj by 48081 votes.

    There was a long brainstorming session in BJP before selecting this name. Actually, the biggest challenge before the party was to convince Vasundhara Raje. For this, Rajnath Singh was made the observer. Vinod Tawde and Saroj Pandey were made co-observers along with him. All three leaders reached Jaipur today (12 December). 

    As soon as he arrived, Rajnath Singh held a meeting with Vasundhara Raje at Hotel Lalit. This meeting lasted for about half an hour. After the meeting Vasundhara Raje and Rajnath Singh left for the party office. During this time Vasundhara was smiling.


    Names of two deputy CMs and speaker also announced

    Along with the announcement of the name of CM in Rajasthan, the names of two Deputy CMs have also been announced. Diya Kumari and Prem Chandra Bairwa will be made Deputy Chief Ministers, while Vasudev Devnani will be the Speaker of the Assembly.

    Vasundhara Raje had proposed the name

    Bhajan Lal Sharma will be the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan. It was Vasundhara Raje who had proposed the name of Bhajan Lal Sharma.

    Who is Bhajan Lal Sharma?

    Bhajan Lal Sharma is a resident of Bharatpur. Despite the allegation of being an outsider, he won from Sanganer by a huge margin. Sharma defeated Pushpendra Bhardwaj of Congress by 48081 votes. Bhajan Lal Sharma is considered close to both the Sangh and the organization.

    Bhajanlal Sharma will be the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan

    Bhajanlal Sharma will be the new Chief Minister of Rajasthan. Bhajanlal Sharma is an MLA from Sanganer MLA and after becoming an MLA for the first time, he will now be the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. And will directly become the Chief Minister.

    Vasundhara Raje can announce the name of CM

    The slip was seen in Vasundhara Raje’s hand during the BJP Legislature Party meeting. According to sources, Vasundhara Raje can announce the name of CM.

    One-to-one is going on with MLAs

    One-to-one meeting with MLAs is going on in BJP office. The legislative party meeting is going to start shortly from now and after some time the name of the Rajasthan CM will be in front of everyone.

    Chief Minister of Rajasthan will be selected from among the MLAs only

    bhajanlal sharma

    Only one of the 115 MLAs who won in Rajasthan will be made the Chief Minister. No non-MLA can be made CM.

    BJP will stake claim to form government today itself

    Immediately after the election of the leader of the legislative party, the claim to form the government will be presented before the Governor today itself.

    All three observers reached BJP office

    All three observers of BJP have reached BJP office in Jaipur. Rajnath Singh and Vasundhara Raje reached BJP office in the same vehicle. The legislative party meeting will be held at four o’clock. Before this there will be a photo session of the MLAs.

    Nothing will be achieved by show of power – CP Joshi

    BJP state president CP Joshi said that nothing will be achieved by show of strength, only what the high command decides will be accepted.

    Closed-door meeting of Vasundhara Raje and Rajnath Singh continues

    One to one meeting of Vasundhara Raje and Rajnath Singh is being held in a closed room. A meeting is going on between the two leaders for the last 10 minutes.

    Rajasthan veterans are meeting with observers, CM’s name will emerge from here

    A meeting is going on between Prahlad Joshi, CP Joshi and Vasundhara Raje with Rajasthan observers Rajnath Singh, Saroj Pandey, and Vinod Tawde at Hotel Lalit. After the meeting, complete information about this meeting will be given to BJP President JP Nadda. After that, whatever instructions he gives, the proposal for that name will be placed in the legislative party meeting.

    Rajasthan CM Live: MLAs welcomed by applying tilak

    Many MLAs have reached Jaipur to attend the legislative party meeting to be held at the BJP headquarters. All MLAs are being welcomed in the office by applying tilak. At the same time, they are being fed jaggery to sweeten their mouth.

    Rajasthan CM Live: CM security deployed even before the announcement of the next CM 

    The name of the new Chief Minister in Rajasthan has not been announced yet, but even before that the security to be given to the CM is ready. The security force has reached the BJP headquarters in the capital Jaipur.

    Rajnath reached Rajasthan, now CM will be announced soon

    The observers of BJP who were appointed for Rajasthan have reached Jaipur. BJP observers for Rajasthan Rajnath Singh, Vinod Tawde and Saroj Pandey reached Jaipur along with Union Minister Pralhad Joshi. Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia arrived at Jaipur Airport to welcome him.

    MLAs are giving the same statement before the meeting

    All the MLAs reaching Rajasthan BJP headquarters for the legislative party meeting are saying the same thing about the Chief Minister. Everyone says that whatever the central leadership decides will be acceptable to them and only that person will be made the Chief Minister. Sources say that the BJP central leadership has instructed the MLAs to avoid talking to the media before and after the meeting. In such a situation, all the MLAs are giving almost the same statement.

    BJP leaders are still continuously coming to meet Vasundhara

    Before the legislative party meeting, senior leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party have started visiting the house of former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia. Former Rajasthan BJP state president Ashok Parnami also reached Vasundhara Raje’s house. Apart from him, former minister Rajpal Singh Shekhawat also arrived.

    Kirori Lal Meena’s big statement on the decision regarding Chief Minister

    BJP leader Kirori Lal Meena has given a big statement amidst the claims being made regarding the post of Chief Minister. He has said that even when Vasundhara Raje was made the Chief Minister, there were many big leaders in the state. Still everyone accepted him and now Vasundhara will also accept his decision. Kirori Lal Meena said that Vasundhara Raje is a disciplined worker. Meena says that the decision regarding the post of Chief Minister in Rajasthan will surprise everyone. He said, “Modi ji will take such a decision that the whole of Rajasthan will be shocked.”

    Politics is a game of possibilities: Rajendra Rathod

    BJP leader Rajendra Rathore says that politics is a game of possibilities. The legislative party will decide today at 4:30 pm in whose hands Rajasthan will be. This will be decided by the world’s most popular leader, on whose policies the people of Rajasthan have given their mandate. The moment of selection for the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan is now near.

    Many MLAs are coming to meet Vasundhara Raje before the legislature party meeting.

    Amidst the suspense over the Chief Minister in Rajasthan, the meeting of MLAs with former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia is also going on. Before the legislative party meeting on Tuesday, MLAs Kali Charan Saraf, Babu Singh Rathore and Gopal Sharma came to meet former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. Earlier yesterday i.e. on Monday also 10 MLAs had reached Vasundhara Raje’s house to meet her.

    Rajasthan CM Live: BJP can use the formula of 2 deputy CMs in Rajasthan also

    Like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, in Rajasthan too, two more Chief Ministers can be appointed along with the Chief Minister. It is believed that this decision can be taken after the meeting of BJP legislature party by Tuesday evening.

    Rajasthan New CM Live: Gathering of workers outside BJP office in Jaipur 

    Even before the announcement of the name of CM in Rajasthan, workers have gathered in a crowd outside the party office in Jaipur. The name of the new Chief Minister may be announced after the BJP Legislature Party meeting by this evening.

    Will leave from Delhi at 11 o’clock, the round of meetings will start as soon as we reach Jaipur.

    The observers appointed by the central leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party for Rajasthan will leave for Jaipur from Delhi at 11 am. After reaching Jaipur by special plane, these leaders will directly reach Hotel Lalit, where they will meet MLAs and local leaders from 11 to 4.45. After this, these observers will reach the party office for the legislature party meeting at 4 pm.

    Wait till 4 pm today, Rajasthan will get a new Chief Minister in the legislative party meeting.

    Today i.e. Tuesday is very important for the politics of Rajasthan. The Legislative Party meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party is to be held at 4 pm on Tuesday. Observers appointed for Rajasthan will also attend this meeting. The new Chief Minister of Rajasthan will be announced during this meeting.

    Rajasthan will get a new CM by tomorrow evening- Rajendra Rathore

    BJP legislature party meeting is to be held in Rajasthan on Tuesday. Earlier, senior BJP leader and former MLA Rajendra Rathore has said that Rajasthan will get a new Chief Minister by tomorrow evening.

    Rajasthan New CM Live: Will the CM face be shocking in Rajasthan?

    BJP has announced the name of the Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Mohan Yadav will be the CM of MP. In this way, BJP has surprised by finalizing the names of Vishnu Dev Sai in Chhattisgarh and Mohan Yadav in MP for the post of CM. In such a situation, now everyone’s eyes are fixed on Rajasthan. Now it is being said whether BJP can announce any surprising name for the post of CM in Rajasthan also.

    Rajasthan CM Live: Ashok Gehlot’s target regarding CM face

    Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot has said that even after 8 days have passed since the results of the assembly elections, BJP has not been able to choose its Chief Minister. To divert attention from this, an unsuccessful attempt is being made to create an issue by protesting against the IT action taken at the house of a Rajya Sabha MP. The IT department should immediately issue a bulletin and clarify the situation and let the law take its course. But BJP should tell that for how long the general public will remain in a state of confusion regarding the selection of the Chief Minister and the works of public interest will continue to be affected.

    Rajasthan New CM Live: Kirori Lal Meena’s big statement on CM face

    On the issue of Chief Minister of Rajasthan, BJP leader Kirori Lal Meena has said that we have no dearth of capable faces. Whatever decision the Central Parliamentary Board takes, everyone will accept it and work together.

    Rajasthan CM Live: Congress MLA made this demand from BJP

    Congress MLA and President of Rajasthan Adivasi Meena Seva Sangh Ramkesh Meena has written a letter to the BJP high command requesting to appoint tribal leader Kirori Lal Meena as the Chief Minister of the state.

    Rajasthan New CM Live: Announcement of new CM of Rajasthan tomorrow

    Party MLA Jogeshwar Garg’s statement has come regarding the BJP Legislature Party meeting to be held in Rajasthan on Tuesday. He has said that the three observers will reach Jaipur at 11 am on Tuesday and will meet the MLAs. CM name will be announced tomorrow.

    Rajasthan New CM Announcement Live Updates

      The new Chief Minister has been announced in Rajasthan. Bhajan Lal Sharma will be the new CM in Rajasthan. Sharma is MLA from Sanganer. Not only this, he has become MLA for the first time. Bharatiya Janata Party’s legislative party meeting was held today at 4 pm. After this meeting of the legislative party, the name of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan was announced. With this the tug of war that had been going on for 9 days also ended. The observers appointed for Rajasthan were also present in this meeting. BJP had made senior leaders Rajnath Singh, Vinod Tawde and Saroj Pandey as observers for Rajasthan.

    In Rajasthan, Bharatiya Janata Party had contested the elections without naming a candidate for the post of Chief Minister. After the bumper victory in the elections, there was a ruckus in BJP regarding the post of Chief Minister. There are many contenders for the post of Chief Minister in BJP. This is also because this time BJP has made many MPs contest the assembly elections. However, the main challenge to BJP is coming from former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia. He has also met the central leadership in Delhi after the election results and MLAs are constantly visiting his house.

    Meanwhile, information was received from sources that he had also talked to BJP National President JP Nadda on phone. During this conversation, Vasundhara had demanded to make him the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for one year. When Nadda advised her to become the speaker of Rajasthan Assembly, Vasundhara refused it. Now it remains to be seen whether BJP becomes weak in front of this arm twisting of Vasundhara in Rajasthan or surprises everyone by taking a decision like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Its decision will be taken in the legislature party meeting to be held from 4 pm.

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