BGMS Points Table: Charting the Gaming Landscape




    The Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) scene is ablaze with intense competition and strategic gameplay, captivating gamers around the nation. Central to the excitement is the BGMS Points Table, a dynamic scoreboard reflecting the performance of players and teams in this virtual battleground. This comprehensive guide delves into the significance of the BGMS Points Table, the step-by-step updates, and presents a visual representation through a chart, providing gamers and enthusiasts with a detailed overview of the gaming dynamics.

    Significance of the BGMS Points Table

    The BGMS Points Table is the heartbeat of the gaming community, offering a real-time display of players and teams’ standings based on their in-game performances. It encapsulates a wealth of information, including total kills, placements, and overall points, providing an insightful snapshot of the competitive landscape.

    BGMS Season 2 Groupings

    Group A

    WSB Gaming
    True Rippers
    GodLike Esports
    Global Esports
    Numen Gaming
    Enigma Gaming
    OR Esports

    Group B

    Team Soul
    Team 8Bit
    Chemin Esports
    Velocity Gaming
    SPY Esports
    Gladiators Esports
    Team iNSANE

    Group C

    Medal Esports
    Lucknow Giants
    Team Xspark
    Marcos Gaming
    Revenant Esports
    Gods Reign
    Entity Gaming
    Blind Esports

    Step-by-Step Updates to the BGMS Points Table

    1. Match Outcomes: The foundation of the BGMS Points Table is laid upon the outcomes of each match. Players and teams earn points based on their performance in the battleground, including kills, survival time, and match placements.
    2. Kills and Survival Points: Each kill contributes to a player’s overall points tally, reflecting their prowess in eliminating opponents. Additionally, survival points are awarded based on the time a player or team manages to survive in the game.
    3. Placement Points: Placements play a crucial role in determining a player’s standing on the points table. Points are awarded for achieving specific ranks in each match, with higher placements translating to more points.
    4. Consistency and Overall Points: Consistency is rewarded in BGMI, and the overall points column in the BGMS Points Table reflects a player’s cumulative performance across multiple matches. This provides a holistic view of a player or team’s competitive edge.

    Chart: BGMS Points Table Snapshot

    The chart below provides a hypothetical representation of the BGMS Points Table, showcasing players’ positions, matches played, kills, survival points, placement points, and overall points:

    BGMS Points Table (Hypothetical)

    BGMS Season 2 (2023) Points Table After Grand Finals Day 1

    Rank Team Name Matches WWCD Placement Points Finish Points Total Finishes Total Points
    1 Orangutan 4 1 38 33 26 71
    2 Gladiators Esports 4 1 29 30 29 59
    3 Velocity Gaming 4 1 25 24 20 49
    4 OR Esports 4 0 24 16 16 40
    5 Team 8Bit 4 1 21 11 10 32
    6 Medal Esports 4 0 21 10 10 31
    7 Marcos Gaming 4 0 16 14 14 30
    8 Team iNSANE 4 0 10 20 19 30
    9 Global Esports 4 0 14 15 12 29
    10 WSB Gaming 4 0 16 9 8 25
    11 Blind Esports 4 0 7 16 16 23
    12 Gods Reign 4 0 9 11 9 20
    13 OneBlade 4 0 2 18 11 20
    14 Lucknow Giants 4 0 7 11 10 18
    15 Team X Spark 4 0 4 11 8 15
    16 Enigma Gaming 4 0 5 4 4 9

    Noteworthy Performances and Highlights Beyond the numbers, the BGMS Points Table often becomes a canvas for noteworthy performances and highlights. Exceptional plays, strategic moves, and memorable moments contribute to the narrative of the gaming arena.

    BGMI Master Series 2023 Points Table

    1. Gladiators Esports – 150 Points
    2. Orangutan Esports – 149 Points
    3. Velocity Gaming – 137 Points
    4. Global Esports – 128 Points
    5. Team iNSANE Esports – 126 Points
    6. Medal Esports – 111 Points
    7. Team X Spark – 107 Points
    8. Gods Reign – 94 Points
    9. Blind Esports – 90 Points
    10. Team 8Bit – 89 Points
    11. WSG Gaming – 78 Points
    12. Marcos Gaming – 75 Points
    13. OR Esports – 71 Points
    14. Lucknow Giants – 68 Points
    15. Enigma Gaming – 52 Points
    16. OneBlade Esports – 48 Points

    Nodwin Gaming and Star Sports organized the BGMI Masters Series Season 2, which is one of the biggest tournaments in the country after BGMI’s comeback in India. The prestigious Tournament took on a new lease on life in BGMI Esports. Building upon its record-shattering success in season 1, season 2 of the BGMI Masters Series kicked off on August 4 and completed today, August 27, with GladiatorsEsports becoming the BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Winner

    Teams Participating in BGMS Season 2

    Twenty-four teams are participating in BGMS Season 2. The teams playing are:-

    1. Chemin Esports
    3. True Rippers
    4. Gladiators Esports
    5. Global Esports
    6. Velocity Gaming
    7. Team 8bit
    9. OR Esports
    11. ENTITY
    13. Team X Spark
    14. Enigma Gaming
    15. Revenant Esports
    16. Orangutan
    17. WSB GAMING
    18. TEAM iNSANE
    19. Medal Esports
    20. OneBlade
    21. Marcos gaming
    22. Numen Gaming
    23. Gods Reign
    24. Team soul


    The BGMS Points Table is a dynamic and integral component of the Battle Grounds Mobile India experience. It not only fuels the competitive spirit among gamers but also serves as a source of excitement for the broader gaming community. The step-by-step guide, coupled with the visual representation through the chart, ensures that players and enthusiasts remain immersed in the thrill and strategy of BGMI as they track the ever-changing dynamics of the BGMS Points Table.

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