Are you tired of looking for a beginner-friendly betting guide to kick-start your cricket betting journey this year? This article will help you understand the basics of the cricket betting industry, as well as some tips to step up your wagering game and maximize your chances of winning profits despite having zero experience. 

    The ICC World Cup schedule for this year is here and cricket enthusiasts across the world are excited to see their favorite teams and players perform on the pitch and compete to bring the trophy home. The World Cup season also calls for the opportunity to win money by wagering on different teams and players by analyzing their past performances and going through the betting odds. The list below will help you uncover three beginner-friendly tips to step up your betting game this World Cup season.

    • Quit wagering based on your emotions

    The number one rule of putting your money at stake in the sports betting industry is to never wager on your emotions. Punters who place their wagers based on facts, possibilities, and analyzing previous match statistics have more chances of winning a wager than the punters who are completely dependent on luck and chance for winning profits. Wagering in cricket games can get tricky, especially if you are a fanboy or have extreme bias towards a certain team or a player. In a country with colonial roots like India, it is difficult for cricket enthusiasts to separate their emotions from the game and wager only on the most logical option. Most cricket fans today have grown up watching batting maestros like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma. Therefore, it is highly likely that these people would place their best bets on players they have grown up watching and have immense faith in.

    However, it is crucial to realize that you can increase your chances of earning profits through your cricket wagers if you keep the fanboy inside and bet on the most logical option. This is not to say that you shouldn’t support your favorite team or player during a game, as supporting a team or a player and choosing a player or team to put your hard-earned money at stake are two completely different things. Supporting a team doesn’t require you to put your money at stake, while the latter can lead to disastrous losses if done mindlessly. 

    The next time you go on a wagering platform, don’t search for your favorite team or player to put all your savings on. Instead, try looking at the stats of all the players involved in the game and find your best bet. The betting odds provided by trusted wagering platforms can help you get an idea about the outcome of the game.

    • Take assistance from a professional

    If there’s one tip you could take from this article to step up your wagering game, take this one. If you have been on the internet for a while, you might have come across professional punters willing to exchange their tips and tricks for money. In the sports wagering industry, such punters who give out professional betting advice to beginners or regular people are called handicappers. These handicappers can be found on multiple betting platforms and social media websites willing to exchange their years’ worth of knowledge and experience in the sports betting industry with beginners. These handicappers are either punters who have been successful in cracking the codes of the major betting platforms in their country and have been banned from placing any more wagers, or punters who have seen the adverse effects of the wagering industry and are looking for opportunities to earn some money through their wagering skills, all while not risking their money.

    Not everyone who wagers is there to win profits. Some people are financially stable and losing a bucks on an online cricket wager doesn’t seem like a big deal to them. All they want is some time off from their busy schedule and experience the thrill of putting their money at stake and waiting for the outcome. Some people wager to compete with other people in their social circle for fun and taking professional assistance from a handicapper can be an excellent choice to assert your dominance. Betting clubs and bars are a popular choice among business partners to discuss and finalize deals. Talking to handicappers about the game beforehand would help you place your bets wisely and win more profits. This would help you come across as a confident individual, a quality most people need to crack a deal.

    Therefore, you must understand that there’s nothing wrong with giving away a small part of your profit to someone who helped you secure the profit in the first place.

    • Check the authenticity of the handicapper 

    The above point helped you realize how talking to a handicapper before the actual game helps you make the best possible wagering decisions and win maximum profits. This, however, would only be possible if you choose the right punter to assist your wagering activity. This is not to say that you need to interview every other handicapper available on the platform for their experience as a punter or their previous clients. However, you must talk to them about their journey. 

    From being a regular punter to becoming a professional handicapper, the kind of betting markets they specialize in, the success rate of their prediction, etc. All this information would help you decide whether the handicapper is worth your time and investment.

    This ends our list of the top three tips to take your cricket wagering game to the next level. We have tried keeping the list as simple as possible and have also included beginner-friendly betting tips for you to kick-start your cricket betting journey. The most crucial step of starting your cricket betting journey is not the initial investment you put at stake but the choice of the wagering platform. Apart from providing you the option to put your money at stake, a good wagering platform also informs its users about the latest international fixtures like the ODI World Cup schedule, provides reliable betting odds, 24/7 customer support, and seamless transactions.

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