Fubo Multiview: Your Guide to Watching Multiple Games or Channels at Once



    FuboTV offers a fantastic feature called Multiview, allowing subscribers to watch up to four games or channels simultaneously on a single screen. It’s a game-changer for sports enthusiasts and anyone who wants to keep tabs on multiple programs. Here’s how to make the most of Fubo Multiview:

    Understanding Fubo Multiview

    Fubo Multiview essentially splits your screen into multiple sections, each displaying a different live channel or event visit Fubo website  This is perfect for:

    Sports Fans: Follow multiple games at the same time without switching back and forth.

    News Junkies: Stay updated on breaking news from different sources.

    Multitaskers: Watch a show while keeping an eye on a game or other event.

    How to Access Fubo Multiview

    There are a couple of ways to activate Multiview:

    From the Menu:

    Highlight the live channel or event you want to watch.

    Press and hold the touchpad (or equivalent button) on your remote to open the options menu.

    Select “Watch in Multiview.”

    Swipe left or right to choose another channel and click to add it.

    From Live TV:

    Swipe up to view more live channels.

    Swipe left or right to highlight a second channel.

    Press and hold the touchpad (or equivalent button) to watch in Multiview.

    Customizing Your Multiview

    Fubo lets you customize your Multiview experience:

    Number of Screens: You can choose to have two, three, or four screens in your Multiview.

    Screen Arrangement: You can often adjust the size and position of each screen.

    Audio: Select which audio feed you want to hear.

    Device Compatibility

    As of now, Fubo Multiview is primarily available on Apple TV devices. However, Fubo is actively working to expand this feature to other platforms visit the website

    Tips for Optimal Multiview

    Strong Internet Connection: Multiview requires a stable and fast internet connection to ensure smooth streaming across all screens.

    Choose Wisely: Be mindful of the events you choose for Multiview. Too many action-packed games at once might be overwhelming.

    Experiment: Play around with the different screen arrangements and audio options to find what works best for you.

    Beyond Multiview: Other Fubo Features

    While Multiview is a standout feature, FuboTV offers much more:

    Extensive Channel Lineup: Fubo boasts a wide variety of sports channels, news networks, entertainment options, and more visiting

    Cloud DVR: Record your favorite shows and games to watch later.

    Lookback Feature: Catch up on events you might have missed.

    Multiple Streams: Fubo allows for multiple simultaneous streams, so you can watch on different devices in your household.

    In Conclusion

    Fubo Multiview revolutionizes the way we consume television, providing a unique and engaging way to stay connected to multiple events simultaneously. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan, a news enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to multitask, Fubo Multiview is a feature you’ll definitely want to explore.

    Fubo Multiview FAQs:

    Q: On which devices can I use Fubo Multiview?

    A: As of now, Fubo Multiview is primarily available on Apple TV devices. However, Fubo is actively working to expand this feature to other platforms.

    Q: How many screens can I watch simultaneously with Multiview?

    A: You can choose to watch two, three, or four screens at once.

    Q: Can I customize the layout of my Multiview screens?

    A: Yes, in many cases, you can adjust the size and position of each screen to your preference.

    Q: Can I listen to the audio of a specific screen in Multiview?

    A: Absolutely! You can select which screen’s audio you want to prioritize.

    Q: Does Multiview require a special subscription?

    A: No, Multiview is included with your regular FuboTV subscription.

    Q: Does using Multiview consume more data?

    A: Yes, using Multiview will generally consume more data than watching a single stream. Ensure you have a good internet plan to avoid overage charges.

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