PKL Points Table 2022 Season 9: Unraveling the Kabaddi Spectacle




    The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2022 Season 9 promises another season of high-octane kabaddi action, captivating fans with its unique blend of skill, strategy, and athleticism. As the teams battle it out on the mat, the PKL Points Table for the 2022 season stands as a real-time indicator of each team’s performance and standings in the league. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the PKL Points Table for Season 9, exploring its significance, step-by-step updates, and presenting a visual representation through a chart.

    Significance of the PKL Points Table

    The PKL Points Table serves as the pulse of the tournament, providing a snapshot of the competitive landscape. It showcases the teams’ journey, wins, losses, points earned, and their relative positions in the league. This real-time scoreboard becomes a focal point for fans, teams, and analysts alike, fostering excitement and strategic discussions throughout the season.

    Step-by-Step Updates to the PKL Points Table

    1. Match Outcomes: The foundation of the PKL Points Table lies in the outcomes of each match. Victories contribute crucial points to the winning teams, shaping their standings in the table.
    2. Points Distribution: After each match, points are distributed based on the PKL points system. A win typically earns a team two points, while a tie or no result leads to one point. Teams failing to secure a win receive no points.
    3. Net Points Calculation: In case of equal points between teams, the Net Points become a decisive factor. Net Points are calculated as the difference between the total points scored and total points conceded during matches. A positive Net Points value signifies superior performance.
    4. Bonus Points: Bonus points may be awarded for exceptional performances, such as reaching a specific threshold of total points or achieving certain milestones during a match. These bonus points can influence a team’s overall standing.

    Chart: PKL Points Table 2022 Season 9 Snapshot

    The chart below provides a hypothetical representation of the PKL Points Table for the 2022 Season 9, showcasing teams’ positions, matches played, wins, losses, points, and Net Points:

    PKL Points Table 2022 Season 9 (Hypothetical)

    1 Jaipur Pink Panthers 22 15 6 1 174 82
    2 Puneri Paltan 22 14 6 2 66 80
    3 Bengaluru Bulls 22 13 8 1 39 74
    4 UP Yoddhas 22 12 8 2 42 71
    5 Tamil Thalaivas 22 10 8 4 5 66
    6 Dabang Delhi KC 22 10 10 2 17 63
    7 Haryana Steelers 22 10 10 2 16 61
    8 Gujarat Giants 22 9 11 2 -16 59
    9 U Mumba 22 10 12 0 -32 56
    10 Bengal Warriors 22 8 11 3 -8 54
    11 Patna Pirates 22 8 11 3 -58 54
    12 Telugu Titans 22 2 20 0 -245 15

    Noteworthy Performances and Highlights

    Beyond the statistics, the PKL Points Table often becomes a canvas for noteworthy performances and highlights. Individual player achievements, exceptional raids, and strong defensive displays contribute to the narrative of the tournament.

    Eliminator 1: Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

    Bengaluru Bulls finished in third place in the standings and will back themselves to get the better of sixth-placed Dabang Delhi K.C. having already done so twice in the ongoing campaign. Bharat has been a class act for the Bulls with 257 raid points and he’s been the team’s talisman. He has got support from the experienced Vikash Kandola and Neeraj Narwal who have scored 117 and 88 raid points respectively, while Sachin Narwal has chipped in with 37 raid points. On the defensive front, Saurabh Nandal has led the charge for the Bulls with 63 tackle points, while Aman and Mahender Singh have contributed 54 and 41 tackle points respectively.

    Meanwhile, Dabang Delhi K.C. qualified for the playoffs by securing the sixth spot on the league stage points table. Naveen Kumar has led the defending champions from the front throughout with 246 raid points. He has been helped in attack by Ashu Malik who has amassed 138 raid points. Vijay Malik and Manjeet have also contributed with 68 and 59 raid points respectively. In defence, Vishal has been the top performer for Dabang Delhi K.C. with 58 tackle points. They have also got the likes of Krishan (34 tackle points), Sandeep Dhull (30 tackle points) and Amit Hooda (29 tackle points) who have made their presence felt in defence.

    Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi K.C. head-to-head

    Bengaluru Bulls and Dabang Delhi K.C. have faced each other in 19 matches. Out of which, Bengaluru Bulls have won eight matches, while Dabang Delhi K.C. have nine wins. Two matches finished in ties.

    Eliminator 2: U.P. Yoddhas vs Tamil Thalaivas

    A team to never miss qualifying for the playoffs since they joined the league, U.P. Yoddhas finished in fourth spot in the league stage with 12 wins, eight losses and two ties. Earlier in the campaign, U.P. Yoddhas lost and won one of their two encounters against Tamil Thalaivas in Season 9. Captain Pardeep Narwal has been the driving force for the Yoddhas with 208 raid points. Surender Gill has also been a top contributor with 132 raid points, while Rohit Tomar has made his mark with 68 raid points. As far as the defence goes, Sumit and Ashu Singh have amassed 49 and 47 tackle points respectively. Gurdeep (35 tackle points) and Nitesh Kumar (32 tackle points) have also added good value to the Yoddhas’ defence.

    On the other hand, Tamil Thalaivas have had a season to remember as they qualified for the playoffs for the first time in their history by ending the league stage in fifth spot. Narender has been their best raider in this campaign with 220 raid points. He has been aided in attack by Ajinkya Pawar who has scored 114 raid points. Himanshu Singh has also made his presence felt with 45 raid points. Defensively, Sagar and Sahil Gulia have been the pillars for the Thalaivas with 53 and 51 tackle points respectively. The likes of M. Abishek (38 tackle points), Mohit (28 tackle points) and Himanshu (26 tackle points) have also played their part in defence.


    The PKL Points Table for the 2022 Season 9 is a dynamic and informative tool that enhances the overall experience of following and engaging with the Pro Kabaddi League. The step-by-step guide, along with the visual representation through the chart, ensures that fans, teams, and analysts are well-informed and connected to the pulsating energy of kabaddi as it unfolds in this exciting season.

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